xcode debug shortcuts key

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This is an easy one indeed. Go to XCode>Preferences>Key Bindings and search for ‘step’. There you can define your shortcuts for each action.

XCode Key Bindings


XCode tips

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XCode shortcut keyboard

  • Build → [command b]
  • Run → [command r]
  • Show/hide navigation → [command 0(zero)]
  • Show/Hide property  → [command option 0(zero)]
  • Add/Remove break point → [command \]
  • Open assoc file  → [option command enter]
  • Close assoc file → [command enter]
  • Manual select file in assistant view → [option click (file)]
  • Re-indent select part of code → [control i]
  • Fold current block of code  → [option command <-]
  • Unfold current block of code → [option command ->]