1. Open the Index Tuning Wizard by selecting it from the menu, Tools, Wizards, Management, Index Tuning Wizard.

  1. When you start the Index Tuning Wizard, a screen displays the goals and aims that you can accomplish through using the Index Tuning Wizard. Click Next.

  1. This will lead to the opening of the second screen, which is used to select the server and database. Type in the name of your server and then select Pubs as the database (this is the database you are interested in tuning). Select Thorough for the tuning mode. Choosing Thorough processes a thorough, but time-taking analysis of the current situation and provides best results (see Figure 10.7). Click Next to proceed.

  1. This screen is where you choose workload-specific information. As the workload file, choose C:MyTrace.trc.

  1. Now you have a selection screen that asks which tables you want to tune. Select Dbo.Authors as the table and click Next.

Selecting a database and tuning mode.

  1. This screen processes workload information and gives advice as to which indexes should be placed on which columns. Click Next to continue.

  1. This is the last screen of Index Tuning Wizard. Click Finish.