LINQ is the general-purpose standard query operator that allows traversal, filter and projection operations to be expressed in a direct yet declarative way in any .NET programming language.  The extensibility of the LINQ query language provides implementations that work over both XML and SQL data.  The query operator over XML is called XLINQ and the one over SQL is called DLINQ.  XLINQ is an efficient and in-memory XML facility to provide XPath/XQuery functionality.  DLINQ operator is for the integration of SQL based schema definitions into the CLR type System.

LINQ will be fully integrated with the next release of the Visual Studio, which is named as Orcas now.  The best thing is that the LINQ can also be installed in Visual Studio 2005.  The May 2006 CTP release of LINQ is available and can be downloaded from this link.  Let us see how to create a new web site that uses LINQ features.