I assume your using cookie-less sessions like me . . .  now just a warning, I still have  session ending problems, but not even a 1/4 as much.  Redirects, page and application

errors, the debugger running, and runtime configurations were all found to cause the session end function.

1.) I first noticed session ending during the redirect operation. Next most important was code executing after the redirect. I found when I use redirect, any coding following

the redirect statement will execute and may cause errors.  

2.) Any page or application errors may cause a session end. I set up an email message in the page catch statement and application level to track down bad coding on my


3.) Configuration of HttpRuntime help too, I found certain threading issues. This is my current webconfig statement: <httpRuntime minFreeThreads=”12″

minLocalRequestFreeThreads=”12″ executionTimeout=”250″/>

<httpRuntime executionTimeout=”900″ />

4.) If in production turn off debug, your application will running harder if turn on.
<compilation defaultLanguage=”vb” debug=”false” />

I’m certainly not the smartest human on earth but all these topics helped me run sessions better. I have also noticed when an application starts the first session will crash

after a couple requests just about every time; sounds crazy right. I have been told smart developers use cookies and view state. I see both a step in the wrong direction so I

’m working on the session method.   

Brian Lee